Contemporary Wood

Durame is the result of the union between the great passion for wood carving, transmitted from age to age, and the desire to shape new and fresh ideas and thoughts.

So here it is, a series of unique objects characterized by experimental and meaningful connotations.

Each one of them has a different meaning and a precise personality that fully expresses the values of the noble Italian craftsmanship and the limitless potential of the oldest building material.

"Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein

A unique style

The care for the detail, the great handmade skill, the research and the enhancement of the material were important elements during the planning and the creation of the articles that are part of the Durame collection.

These pieces were created in collaboration with designers with a refined and cultured taste.

The collection includes containers, seats, tables and accessories; all these elements have a contemporary personality and are characterised by the strong presence of wood.

Thanks to the manufacturing that intensifies wood’s aesthetic shades and thanks to the unusual pulling together of different materials, every single piece expresses authenticity, beauty and has its own eclectic and unusual style.

The search for the detail and for the unexpected finishing, makes our products even more valuable.