Designer Michele Barberio

XYZ FACTORY was born as a creative laboratory in the field of architecture and design.

Starting from 2010, XYZ FACTORY becomes an experimental company engaged in the production of furniture in limited editions, furnishing objects, small accessories and eco-sustainable design: a generator of creative energy able to intervene in the field of product design, outside the large and rampant serial productions, with a sense of responsibility, in a fascinating work in which combine the values of design with the heritage, at risk of extinction, of craftsmanship.

In total opposition to the concept of luxury, XYZ FACTORY firmly believes in the possibility that beauty, function and costs can coexist in a dimension of sustainability and responsibility, with a specific attention to raw materials.

Following and taking care of every phase of creation, from conception to realization, from packaging to communication, in a short production chain concept, allow to reduce costs, optimize consumption and in addition give objects greater value of emotional and sensorial immediacy.

Every object, in fact, is and has a story to tell, a sign that is at the same time a dream to shield, remember and live.

The handwork is an inexhaustible occasion for dialogue, respectful contact with the material, with what is offered to us by nature and with ancient gestures we can, even today, transform to continue writing stories of human beauty.