Tofane bookcase

storage units

Tofane collection has a structure entirely made of solid wood, with few essential lines but rich in details.

A very important section characterized by joints executed according to a tradition cabinetmaker, returns a poetic materiality and plasticity to a material as warm and noble as wood. Interspersed with horizontal glass planes, which create an apparent formal simplicity, the whole collection expresses a strong character and refined elegance that allows it to find an easy placement in domestic spaces as well as in important collective spaces.


Solid walnut wood / solid oak wood / solid black oak wood / solid black ash wood;
Shelves: extra clear glass / bronzed glass


L 160 x W 40 x H 176 cm
L 57 x W 40 x H 176 cm
L 57 x W 40 x H 130,5 cm