Table with marble top and solid wood bases.
Vuoto table is a combination of material and space that creates a sophisticated tridimensional structure.
The asymmetric base in solid wood looks different from different viewing angles.
The table can have different developments depending on the use of one or two bases, giving the possibility to have tops of different shapes and sizes.
Precious wood essences are combined with marble and glass in order to make Vuoto even more valuable.


Base: solid walnut wood / solid oak wood / solid black oak wood;
Top: marble / crystal


One leg:
Ø 120 X H 73.5
Ø 150 X H 73.5

Two legs: 
L 180 x W 100 x H 73.5
L 220 x W 100 x H 73.5
L 250 x W 100 x H 73.5

Three legs:
L 300 x W 105 x H 73.5
L 350 x W 105 x H 73.5

Four legs:
L 400 x W 110 x H 73.5