Designer Dmitry Kozinenko

Was born in 1985 in Simferopol.

In 2000 graduated with honors from the school of Fine Arts. Have got a specialty “Graphic artist” in the university.

From 2012 started to work in field of interior and product design and about last 3 years focused on furniture design mostly. I spending a lot of time in thinking about visual side of our life and how it affects our personalities. Always drawing a lot in searching of new ideas. For this moment I live and work in Kiev, Ukraine.

I`m trying to create not just new objects, but rather new principles and design patterns that may some times go beyond product design area. In my projects, I always try to establish some deep idea and some kind of philosophy, to me just functionality is not enough usually. Sometimes I clearly feel that the object which I keep in my mind just should exist and it`s form is obtained by itself.

I love to work with simple and clear shapes, try to look at them by another way. I have a special vision of things and think it`s very important for me not only as a designer but as a human also.